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Farm Bill Bobbles Then Passes UPDATED June 25

UPDATE June 25 The President’s second veto is overridden.
The Senate votes 80-14 to approve the measure over Bush’s second veto and
the House of Representatives votes 317-109 for passage. The Bill is law.
June 11 – President Vetos Incomplete Farm Bill
The Farm Bill will be voted on again and then sent back for another Presidential veto due to a
clerical error that omitted 34 pages from the document vetoed by President Bush.

35 million Americans need help. Kids, the elderly, working families. (Read more..)

Eat The Farm Bill? Maybe That’s The Only Way To Pass It.


Leave Some Perfectly Good Food On Your Doorstep

Stamp Out Hunger Day. Saturday May 10. The National Association Of Letter Carriers.
Letter carriers will pick up bags of food donated by generous people all across America.
CLICK for more info.
Hunger is growing. Hunger in America.
Do a little good. And feel good. – Hungrr

High Plains Hunger

“People are hurting,” said Janie Singleton, executive director of the High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo, which distributes food in 26 counties in the Panhandle. “The price of most basic foods has gone up considerably, so it’s hard for many families, especially for those with young children, to make ends meet. “These are people who work but don’t make enough money – anxiously waiting for Congress to approve the farm bill – through the farm bill, the USDA gives food banks some products such as rice, pinto beans, peanut butter, canned vegetables, corn flakes, juices and fruits.”
– Enrique Rangel The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Mural “EL CHUCO Y QUE” by Carlos Callejo

Hunger is Growing. Hunger In America.
Do a little good. And feel good.- Hungrr

You’re Gonna Make It After All ?

Hunger is growing all around us. How can Minnesotans help?
– StarTribune Minneapolis, MN

Hunger is Growing. Hunger In America.
Do a little good. And feel good.- Hungrr

SOS Hunger In America ! Their New Website !

National not for profit organization Share Our Strength,
freshens and focuses it’s website and branding to reflect
it’s commitment to ending childhood hunger in America.
Nice work. Check it out.

Hunger is Growing. Hunger In America.
Do a little good. And feel good.- Hungrr

Record Storms and Hunger in America

Six states are struggling to recover from the recent storms.
Already strapped hunger relief organizations are in need.
Think about helping with a few bucks or find out if you can help in other ways
(Largest National Food Aid Org)

THE FOODBANK FOR NEW YORK CITY(New York Sends food down south to help)
Hungrr’s Drive for the Foodbank for NYC

Do a little good. And feel good.

America Drops The Ball On Millions Of Hungry Kids !

There are over 13 14 million hungry kids in the US today. 3548 million Americans who need help. Kids, the elderly, working families.
Take a few minutes to send your senators and representatives an email. Remind them to include an increase in food aid in the current Farm Bill.
Tell them to extend food stamp aid. The nation’s non profit foodbanks need increases to avoid more shortages and to help a growing number of Americans. (Read more..)

Food Banks In Crisis Across America. Hungry or Happy Holidays ?

UPDATE ! Thanks! We raised enough to provide over 7,000 meals.
Help New Yorkers who turn to the Food Bank for food assistance.
The food bank for New York City
Kids, the elderly, women, working people who can’t provide enough for themselves and their kids.

Hunger is growing. Hunger in America.
Do a little good. And feel good.

America’s Hungry Ask For The Bill

The Farm Bill is a food bill. Increases in food aid are needed as hunger in America grows.
The Farm Bill is now before the Senate.
– BILL BOLLING, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hunger is growing. Hunger in America.

Big Orange Hits The ‘Nati

A conference on hunger in the City of Seven Hills. Hunger hits home unexpectedly.
– Allen Howard, The Cincinnati Enquirer

Hunger is growing. Hunger in America.

SOLD ! UPDATE Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana

UPDATE 10/15/07 iphone sold for charity.

100% of proceeds went to the

Hungrr Makes A Face(book Group)

A Hunger Emergency at the Food Bank for New York City

The Food Bank for NYC’s warehouse is running out of food.
Find out how to help and learn more about pending legislation that can help – visit the Food Bank For New York City’s website.
Hunger is growing. Hunger in America. – Hungrr

“Right now there are more than two million people at risk of hunger in our city. Help us make up this shortfall for New Yorkers who need it now. In the last couple years, the city’s soup kitchens and food pantries have lost approximately 12 million pounds of food due to cutbacks and flat-funding of TEFAP, the federal emergency food assistance program. This problem will not go away soon.” – The Foodbank for NYC

Hunger In The Sun Hunger In America

No summer vacation for hunger in America. – Hungrr

“In Alameda County as a whole, participation in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Stamp program is up 19.2 percent over a year ago. Officials attribute the rise to better outreach, along with increased need. “We’re definitely seeing more people, a lot of working people,” said Liz Gomez, outreach coordinator for the Alameda County Community Food Bank.
“Our clients are having a harder time making their rents.”
– Marc Albert The Alameda Sun , Alameda, Ca. READ MORE

Building A Fortress Against Hunger in America ?

An editorial from The Boston Globe that’s worth the quick read –
“THE GREATER Boston Food Bank is about to double its capacity, building a new 110,000-square-foot home across the street from its current quarters – This is a long way of saying that people living in Massachusetts cities and towns are still plagued by hunger. – Hunger shames the people it hurts, so there isn’t a hungry people’s political party pressing for change. Instead there’s the silence of elderly men and women who are too proud to apply for food stamps; of working adults whose salaries stop short of covering enough groceries; of schoolchildren whose learning problems are hunger-related; and of hunger in the suburbs – READ MORE (Boston Globe free registration required)
The Boston Globe – Boston , Mass ,USA

The Greater Boston Food Bank Website
Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

Hunger Moves On Down To Lee County Florida

“- residents are flocking to nonprofit agencies and government offices looking for groceries and other emergency help. – the collapsing construction and real estate markets are driving once stable households into crisis – One nonprofit director said she saw more people in one month than she had in her 18 years of service. – “People are coming to the kitchen needing food, and we don’t have it for them,” said Sarah Owen, the executive director of Community Cooperative Ministries. Equally as troubling is a spike in grocery prices. ‘The problem is I’m spending twice as much a week on the Meals on Wheels food and the soup kitchen food,’ Owen said. READ MORE – Jennifer Booth Reed

The News-Press – Fort Myers,FL,USA

Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

America’s Hunger Super Hero Honored

Photo courtesy of Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
UPDATE Borlaug died September 12, 2009

“Borlaug is believed to have saved more lives than any other person who has ever lived —more than a billion — through his work in agriculture. Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, Founder of the World Food Prize and “Father of the Green Revolution,” received the Congressional Gold Medal, America’s highest civilian honor on July 17 in a ceremony the U.S. Capitol.
Borlaug, 93, became one of only five people in all of history to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. The other four are Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Mother Teresa and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

– Lancaster Farming Weekly, Ephrata,Pennsylvania

Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

And Hunger is Growing in Maine

Photo by Jim Evans

This week congress is debating the Farm Bill.

“Check out this great series of articles on hunger in America written by the staff of Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel. ” – Hungrr
“We don’t talk about hunger because solving it is so big and complex. Its solutions entail making a college education more affordable and accessible; revamping our national farm policy to favor production of nutritious foods; promoting economic development to raise wages that currently cannot support families. We will need to reform a federal public assistance program that is insufficient and, paradoxically, creates dependency by penalizing recipients for trying to get ahead. Each of those is a serious challenge that will take years to accomplish.”
– Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel, Maine

Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

Hunger In The Land of Shining Mountains

Photo of Charles M. Russell and Hungrr

“Demand for food stamps is on the rise in Montana. Last year one out of every 12 Montanans, used food stamps to buy groceries each month. That’s more than one-third higher than who received food stamps in 2000.
‘It’s basically because our jobs on average don’t pay a lot. The goal clearly is to get people off food stamps. We’re trying to get more good-paying jobs.’ U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont.
‘We need to lend a helping hand to Montanans in need. Our goal must be developing a plan that will improve access to the food stamp program, particularly for children, the elderly, the working poor and our veterans. I think we can do that.’ – Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont. ”

Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

– CHARLES S. JOHNSON – The Missoulian, Helena, Montana

$100K iPhone on Ebay to Help Katrina Relief Organization

We’re auctioning the iPhone 8 GB we purchased on June 29th
at the Apple store on 5th Avenue New York City.
of the iLine, the iphone and Hungrr at the Apple store
on 5th Avenue in NYC on iPhone day June 29th..

Video from Apple store on iPhone Day
June 29th 5th Ave NYC !
(

Wear The Button On National Hunger Awareness Day

Find National Hunger Awareness Day events in your area. CLICK HERE

No, the minimum wage increase will NOT end hunger in America.

Hunger In America Takes The Handicapped Space

Hunger in America among the handicapped is growing.

READ MORE about the surprising face of hunger in America.
– The Herald Bulletin , Anderson, IN

Fight Hunger in America with Cupcakes Cookies and Cakes

Join thousands of people across this great land by having a bake sale or just by buying some cookies.
The Great American Bake Sale, Starts May 19th.

READ MORE about The Great American Bake Sale and Share Our Strength

Make your own HUNGRR cupcakes:

Cup Cake Recipe
Basic Vanilla Cup Cake Recipe

5 oz (150g) Butter – softened
5 oz (150g) superfine (castor) sugar
6 oz (175g) self-raising flour
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1. Pre-heat the oven to 350oF (180oC).
2. Line a 12 cup cake pan, with cup cake papers.
3. Crack the eggs into a cup and beat lightly with a fork.
4. Place all the ingredients in a large bowl.
5. Beat with an electric mixer for 2 minutes, until light and creamy.
6. Divide the mixture evenly between the cake cases.
7. Bake for 18-20 minutes until risen and firm to touch.
8. Allow to cool for a few minutes and then transfer to a wire rack.
9. Allow to cool fully before icing.
Makes 12 cakes.

Butter Cream Frosting

5 oz (150g) Butter – softened
8 oz (250g) confectioners (icing) sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp hot water
1. Beat together the butter and sugar with an electric beater.
2. Once well combined, add the vanilla and water.
3. Mix in yellow and red food coloring to make the orange icing.
Beat until smooth and creamy.
Makes 12 cakes.

Letter Carriers Carry That Weight For Hunger Saturday May 12th

US Postal workers collect food on Saturday May 12th
in their nationwide effort to help “Stamp Out Hunger”
– Sherrie Norris
Mountain Times, North Carolina

American Idol Does a Little Good and Feels Good

Something nice comes from all the primetime cruelty and irrationality.
There is still a reason to watch this show, even without Sanjaya around. April 24th and 25th.
“American Idol Gives Back” •click for info•

Hunger In America Grows Along With Milk Prices

“Janice Godfrey of the Rehoboth Council on Aging said she volunteers at a charity food pantry on Easter Sundays. Last year she sat around eating jelly beans because so few people took advantage of the pantry on Easter. This year, she said, so many people came for free food that ‘I never worked so hard.’ ”
– Jim Hand The Sun Chronicle
Attleboro, Massachusetts

Deer Hunters Against Hunger In America

Bambi won’t like it.

“When you think about it, what’s not to like about a bill that supports a statewide program
that could turn an estimated 5,000 deer into more than one million servings of venison?”

– The Winona Daily News
Rochester, Minnesota

March For Meals Marching For Meals On Wheels

On March 21, Meals on Wheels will celebrate March for Meals/Mayors for Meals Day.
Meals on Wheels of Salem County asks individuals to contribute the money they would
spend on lunch to Meals on Wheels. READ MORE

– Today’s Sunbeam

Marquette Hunger Prank Yanked

Freedom of screech impinged. Marquette says no to waxing.
Over its nineteen year history, the Hunger Cleanup has raised more than $1.5 million
for anti-hunger and homelessness relief agencies. But this hairy stunt gets pulled.

– Marquette Tribune

The Hunger Clean Up is a campaign by the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness.
To Find out more CLICK HERE.

Rutgers Activists Featured on MTV U. CLICK to watch

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