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Hunger Is Growing In The ‘Burbs

Hunger is growing in the suburbs. A tale of trouble in Ohio.
“While many families dream of idyllic suburban living,
the booming urban housing market may be shifting money
into the cities and out of the suburbs.”
By Peg Tyre and Matthew Philips READ MORE

– Newsweek

Super Bowl Weekend Food Drive To Help Hungry Kids

The Kids’ Cafe in Texas serves up hot and healthy
free meals to help Houston’s hungry kids.

photo Johnny Hanson and hungrr
– Houston Chronicle

MLK and Cookies

Virdell Miller continues her 22 year tradition of honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
by helping the hungry in her little town.

– Rocky Mountain News

Help Farmers Help Fight Hunger

Church groups have banded together to propose changes
in the way the US assists farmers and rural Americans.
“Bread for the World, an anti-hunger group,
plans to distribute thousands of educational kits to
churches around the country in hopes
of getting congregants to urge members of Congress
to overhaul federal agricultural and nutrition programs.”

– Philip Brasher

– Des Moines Register

How A Heroine Fights Hunger From Her Humble Home

Kathy Prater feeds hungry families in her community.
“It started six years ago at the Countryside mobile home park where she lives,
a well-kept neighborhood of modern doublewides with many older residents.
On bingo nights, Prater discovered that some people were cleaning out the
refreshments afterward because they had no food at home.
“I checked it out,” she said, and learned that people were in fact going hungry
in her neighborhood. “I said, ‘Not on my watch, you’re not.'”

– The Gainesville Times

Students’ Ads Fight Hunger

Carolina Ad Club helps students pitch in.
Contest for best public service announcement
benefits the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. READ MORE

Carolina Newswire

UPDATE: Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

Leggo My School Breakfast Program !

This year – the number of American kids who needed help
from the federal school breakfast program increased.
But – the Food Research and Action Center reports that
the federal breakfast program served only two in five kids
who needed it. So that’s 7.7 million served,
and about 10 million more waiting.

The Courier News

Pulitzer Prize-winner on Hunger in America Today

Anna Quindlan (left) and Hungrr
photo by Charles Ommanney Newsweek
Infomative piece on the appalling state of Hunger in America.
If you can’t read it now, bookmark it for later and READ MORE

– Newsweek

Food Shortages Hungrr Alert

Long Island food banks are experiencing shortages this holiday season.
Find out how to help
“I can’t believe how many people there are on Long Island
who are without food, for the holidays and the rest of the year—especially children,”
– Maddy Leibowitz. READ MORE

Click to help:
Island Harvest
Long Island Cares
Long Island Press

No More Hunger In America. Mission Accomplished.

Hungrr doesn’t want to get political but it seems the new-speakers are at it again. According to the USDA, the government does not want to use the word hunger any longer to describe hunger. The new terminology for hunger is “very low food security.”

While curiously, New Hampshire’s Food Banks’ report demand for food is up 35 percent and inventory is down by 46 percent compared to last year.

ABC News
The Boston Globe

Mountain Man Feeds The Hungry

Rocky Mountain News

Hungrr Among The Most Dissed News Stories Of The Year

Sonoma State University’s Project Censored lists the top ten biggest news stories missed or dissed by mainstream media. Hunger in America ranks fourth. Project Censored may not be completely unbiased, but still, the findings ring true to Hungrr’s ears. OK, Hungrr has no ears, SO WHAT ?! READ MORE
Metro Silicon Valley

Meet Hungrr. Hear Me Growl.

I am Hungrr.
Hard working. Raising a family.
Part of the world’s greatest economy.
I am 35 million American men women and children.
I need help providing enough food to feed my family.
In the wealthiest nation on Earth.
I am a blog. A street art awareness campaign. A word of mouth campaign. A kinda funny character.
I am a button (available soon) that trumpets your concern and willingness to help. I am a work in progress.
I am Hungrr. End me.
TO DONATE START HERE: America’s Second Harvest The Food Bank For NYC

The High Price Of Formula And Breastfeeding In America

If employers made time allowances for Mom’s who were breastfeeding.
If infant formula was not so expensive.
If we would pay as much attention to children in our culture as we do to celebrities.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

USDA Hunger Report Overdue?

US Government’s report on the state of hunger in America was due out in October. Some charge it’s been intentionally delayed. Hungrr just wants the numbers. We hope they’re down. READ MORE

The Brocktown News

Kids Boo Hungrr

Kids help kids by collecting food for Halloween. READ MORE

And find out more about Free The Children HERE
The Peace Arch News

Let Them Eat, uh, you know.

Yes, bake sales all across this great land fight Hungrr.
You’ve got until the Spring of 2007 to get ready.

And here’s a website:
Great American Bake Sale
The Charleston Gazette

Senator Coburn vs. Tulsa’s Hungry

Why is this man smiling?
There are 38 million American men women and children in need of food assistance. But Senator Tom Coburn M.D. has blocked the bipartisan backed Hungry-Free Communities Act.
The Tulsa World

NFL Stars join Campbell’s Soup Team to Fight Hungrr

Their Goal? Donate one million meals to foodbanks across the USA
this season. Watch the video.

Join stars Ben Roethlisberger,Max Starks,Donovan McNabe,
Matt Hasselbeck and others.


Fight Hungrr On World Food Day Oct 16

•World Food Day and National Foodbank Week
Keep an eye out for Hungrr

A Foodbank In Crisis In San Diego

What on earth is going on San Diego? The board of directors of a San Diego hunger relief organization fly the coop.

Story UPDATED Oct 21 2006 READ

The Union-Tribune

Fight Hungrr With Your Feet

Hey Hungrr fighters, check out this non profit organization:
In 2005, 2,000 communities across the USA participated in CROP Walks. CROP Hunger Walks call us to remember neighbors a few blocks away and neighbors around the world.”
Click to read more

Hungrr is growing in the Suburbs

Check out this recent article:
Friday, September 01, 2006 The Plain Dealer Cleveland, Ohio. Click to read.

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