Nov 2006 Hungrr,LLC., was created. A company created to raise awareness of the facts and the issues around
hunger in America. 

Hungrr art character ©2006 owen plotkin

We were inspired by Paul Newman and what he did with Newman’s Own. We wanted to help raise awareness about hunger in America. We didn’t have a celebrity to lead the charge so we made one up – Hungrr, the oddly loveable hunger monster.Hungrr is a character, a blog and a future line of products sold to raise awareness.

– owen plotkin
Interview of Hungrr founder Owen Plotkin 
by Alex Rosenblatt 2008  
AR - What do you believe are the root causes of hunger 
and food insecurity in America?
OP - Illiteracy. Poor public education. Loss of manufacturing 
jobs in the US. Low minimum wages in most states. 
Food stamp rules and application requirements that are 
too complicated for many uneducated, elderly and physically 
challenged individuals. The general public's lack of awareness 
of the facts surrounding hunger in America. An unwillingness 
on the part of politicians and corporations to acknowledge 
the facts surrounding hunger in America. And sadly, 
unrealistic yet rampant materialism, corporate greed 
and a growing meanness in our culture.
 AR - Does the term food insecurity differ from hunger 
and if so, how?
OP - "Food insecurity" includes hunger and the specter 
of impending  hunger, but the term is also used by 
the current administration to remove the politically 
dangerous word "hunger" from the discussion of  poverty 
in America.  What part of the population would you say 
is most vulnerable to food insecurity or   poverty? 
Low income workers and their children, single parent 
households, minorities, the elderly, physically challenged 
and disabled people. 

AR -  Hunger in America does not manifest it self in the 
same way as it does in other nations (distended bellies 
and starvation). Is it as a serious of a problem?
OP - It is not about starvation. Sadly, the problem is often 
hidden malnutrition, and that especially effects children, 
their normal development and ability to learn. There is the 
problem of obesity caused by people filling up on cheap 
junk and fast foods rather than eating more expensive healthy 
foods including fruits and vegetables. It is very serious 
because of the growing disparity between the rich and the 
poor and the disappearing middle class in this, the richest 
nation on Earth. 
AR -  Do you believe that U.S. food assistance programs such as 
food stamps and the school breakfast program are effective 
at abating hunger?
OP - Every little bit helps. Weekend and summer programs 
- where available - help too.
AR -  Are food banks effective at abating hunger?
Yes, but there is a growing need for assistance. 
  Some people say that food banks create a situation 
of dependency do you think that this is possible?
OP - I think it is much more likely that a lack manufacturing jobs, 
career opportunities, training and adequate public education 
in poorer urban and rural areas, create real need.