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Volunteer or Donate to YOUR local foodbank. It feels good.

“We were inspired by Paul Newman and what he did with Newman’s Own. We wanted
to help raise awareness about hunger in America. We didn’t have a celebrity to lead the
charge so we made up one – Hungrr, the oddly loveable hunger monster.
The rest is history, IF you’ll help us make it!

Mission: Raise awareness to the facts surrounding hunger in America
and meaningfully contribute to organizations and individuals fighting hunger
in their communities.
We are bringing attention to the problem
of hunger in America in a disarming and lighthearted way.
Hungrr is a character, a logo, a blog and a work in progress.
Hungrr is a line of products sold to raise awareness, funds
raised will be used to further our mission.
Any profits after taxes will be donated to organizations and individuals
fighting hunger in their communities.

Hungrr® and the Hungrr character are registered trademarks.
Hungrr,LLC., is NOT a non profit organization.
Registered in Delaware, MD., Nov. 2006.
It is a company that works to make people aware of the facts about hunger in America.
Currently, we have no paid employees and are all volunteers. We also sell buttons and in the future,
t shirts cookies and toys. UPDATE THE HUNGRR COOKIE IS HERE ! Dec 8 2009 !
We hope that our products are fun to own or eat or play with and that they will,
in a whimsical way, remind people to think about the issues around hunger in America,
and encourage people to do a little good and feel good.

The orange jumpsuit clad team has been joining the funny Hungrr character
throughout NYC for years.
“We hope by bringing the issue to people ‘in person’ and in a humorous way,
we can sneak into their mind gardens and plant happy helping thought seeds.”
– Owen Plotkin, founder Hungrr,LLC.
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Report,
35 million (Update Dec 2009) 48 million Americans suffer directly from hunger and food insecurity,
including nearly 14 million children.
Worldwide more than 850 million people are chronically hungry.

Do a little good. And feel good.

VOLUNTEER your time or DONATE food or money to your local Food Bank.
start here:
America’s Second Harvest UPDATE now rebranded Feeding America
The Foodbank For NYC
Jeff Bridges’ End Hunger Network

Click to read 2006 Report on Hunger in America

(thanks to America’s Second Harvest)
UPDATE Hunger is growing. Hunger in America.
Click to read 2008 USDA Report on Hunger in America

VOLUNTEER or DONATE to your local Food Bank. And feel good.

Hungrr,LLC. is registered in Delaware, MD. Certified and filed Nov 15th 2006.
The Hungrr® character and the End. campaign. Registered Trademark ©2006 Owen Plotkin Founder, Hungrr, LLC.

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