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Record Storms and Hunger in America

Six states are struggling to recover from the recent storms.
Already strapped hunger relief organizations are in need.
Think about helping with a few bucks or find out if you can help in other ways
(Largest National Food Aid Org)

THE FOODBANK FOR NEW YORK CITY(New York Sends food down south to help)
Hungrr’s Drive for the Foodbank for NYC

Do a little good. And feel good.


  1. March 2nd, 2008 | 10:19 am

    Hi, I know that this is not “the forum for this” (those TV news guy’s words keep beating in my memory) but I would like to know if you have an YT channel?. I do and I would like to add u to my fav’s there to help spreading the news about your company.
    About this nasty episode: do u have any way to identify that tv show and do some boycot?. Do those guys “own” the sidewalk?. Keep spreading about this vid, but, perhaps u could’ve also videotaped the car plate.
    One last thing, is there any way to enlarge the grey font in the comments?. It’s hard for me to read it. Thanx very much for your reply and for what you do (I’m from South America and English is not my first language).

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