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Farm Bill Bobbles Then Passes UPDATED June 25

UPDATE June 25 The President’s second veto is overridden.
The Senate votes 80-14 to approve the measure over Bush’s second veto and
the House of Representatives votes 317-109 for passage. The Bill is law.
June 11 – President Vetos Incomplete Farm Bill
The Farm Bill will be voted on again and then sent back for another Presidential veto due to a
clerical error that omitted 34 pages from the document vetoed by President Bush.

35 million Americans need help. Kids, the elderly, working families.
Take a few minutes to send your senators and representatives an email.
The bill, now going to the President will be vetoed and sent back to congress.
Remind them to keep much needed food aid in the current Farm Bill.


Tell them to maintain food stamp allocations, not cut them.
The nation’s non-profit foodbanks need increases to avoid more shortages and to help a growing number of Americans.

Do a little good. And feel good.
Hunger is Growing. Hunger In America.

apologies American Gothic by Grant Wood 1930

“About two-thirds of the bill would pay for nutrition programs such as food stamps, about $40 billion is for farm subsidies and additional $30 billion would go to farmers to idle their land and to other environmental programs.
The farm bill also would:
Boost nutrition programs by more than $10 billion over 10 years and expand a program to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to schoolchildren.
Cut a per-gallon ethanol tax credit for refiners from 51 cents to 45 cents. The credit supports the blending of fuel with the corn-based additive. More money would go to cellulosic ethanol, made from plant matter.
Require that meats and other fresh foods carry labels with their country of origin.” – AP


  1. May 31st, 2008 | 10:15 am

    This is a great example of what is wrong with politics – everything becomes a series of compromises and riders. I understand that a large part of the reasoning behind the Bush veto was that the farm subsidies hurt their position in negotiations for a world trade agreement. This should be a completely different issue than subsidizing a food bank system that is on the edge of crisis.

    Thanks for your work on this. I’ve been aware of the problem for a while but am just now waking up to how easy it is to make a contribution to the solution. My new site – – is a forum for discussion of hunger here at home as well as a place where people can get together to work on various projects with that aim.

    – S

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