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Food Banks In Crisis Across America. Hungry or Happy Holidays ?

UPDATE ! Thanks! We raised enough to provide over 7,000 meals.
Help New Yorkers who turn to the Food Bank for food assistance.
The food bank for New York City
Kids, the elderly, women, working people who can’t provide enough for themselves and their kids.

Hunger is growing. Hunger in America.
Do a little good. And feel good.


  1. Elsa
    March 4th, 2008 | 4:31 am

    Hunger in america..? are you must be joking..when I was back home in uruguay I met lots of americans that they really annoyed me when they bragged about..”how good and plentiful food was in america..and comparing uruguay’s modest style of living with the abundance and often waste americans do with their endless wealth..well looks like now americans must learn something about modesty…

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