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Farm Bill Cuts Food Stamps As Need Trends Upward

Proposed budget cuts $540 million over the next five years.
Reducing by 300,000 the number of those helped (26.7 million in 2006).
While the USDA reports the need for food stamps is increasing.

– Time Union, Albany NY


  1. Don Birkholz
    March 21st, 2007 | 11:40 am

    I propose changing the name of the food stamp program to the delinquent fine reimbursement office or auto insurance reimbursement office. I pushed for a food stamp survey (thru the Montana DPHHS), poorly done in Billings, MT, that indicated 18 of 96 food stamp applicants listed DUI issues, fines, or auto insurance as a reason for needing food stamps (that equals over 70,000 over the last 20 years in Montana would have listed those reasons).

    It stands to reason, that an indigent, having to immediately pay 500$ for a late fine or auto insurance, would have a problem buying his own food, and would probably have to go to the food stamp (fine reimbursement office) to get something to eat. I estimate the food stamp program could save 100 million dollars per year if the states would change their laws (require community service for late fines, get low cost auto insurance for indigentls).

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