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Building A Fortress Against Hunger in America ?

An editorial from The Boston Globe that’s worth the quick read –
“THE GREATER Boston Food Bank is about to double its capacity, building a new 110,000-square-foot home across the street from its current quarters – This is a long way of saying that people living in Massachusetts cities and towns are still plagued by hunger. – Hunger shames the people it hurts, so there isn’t a hungry people’s political party pressing for change. Instead there’s the silence of elderly men and women who are too proud to apply for food stamps; of working adults whose salaries stop short of covering enough groceries; of schoolchildren whose learning problems are hunger-related; and of hunger in the suburbs – READ MORE (Boston Globe free registration required)
The Boston Globe – Boston , Mass ,USA

The Greater Boston Food Bank Website
Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

Hunger Moves On Down To Lee County Florida

“- residents are flocking to nonprofit agencies and government offices looking for groceries and other emergency help. – the collapsing construction and real estate markets are driving once stable households into crisis – One nonprofit director said she saw more people in one month than she had in her 18 years of service. – “People are coming to the kitchen needing food, and we don’t have it for them,” said Sarah Owen, the executive director of Community Cooperative Ministries. Equally as troubling is a spike in grocery prices. ‘The problem is I’m spending twice as much a week on the Meals on Wheels food and the soup kitchen food,’ Owen said. READ MORE – Jennifer Booth Reed

The News-Press – Fort Myers,FL,USA

Hungrr is growing. Hunger in America.

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