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Senate Hunger Awareness Caucus Created

Senators from both parties have recently
joined together to help fight hunger in the USA.
A Hunger Awareness Caucus has been created.

– The Washington Post

Red Tape Over Hungry Mouths

Some states enroll people in the food stamp program with a five page application that is submitted yearly.
Why do other states use 22 or 30 page applications that must be submitted every month?
A way to decrease the food stamp rolls?
Make the red tape just too much for hungry elderly and disabled people?
By John Croman READ MORE

– KARE 11 News

Hunger Is Growing In The ‘Burbs

Hunger is growing in the suburbs. A tale of trouble in Ohio.
“While many families dream of idyllic suburban living,
the booming urban housing market may be shifting money
into the cities and out of the suburbs.”
By Peg Tyre and Matthew Philips READ MORE

– Newsweek

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