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Hungrr Attacks The Rainbow Room at NBC

Hungrr in America. End.
Click to read the 2006 Report on Hunger in America
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It feels good.

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  1. d haum
    September 2nd, 2006 | 1:07 pm

    while your blog is informative i think you would get a better response with picturing more causcasion people (sp bad, white) only for the reason that many more affulent people have a hard time admitting to their plite. it is so obvious that the people that give, our communties, being rich well-off, average, poor, is not enough. But, why is that? where is it all going? Even our efforts to help overseas seem to dimish once its arrives. My personal opinions on some level would be debated so i won’t interject them. On a whole, we MUST put those personal issues asside. Its our wellbeing, yours, THEIRS, and ultimately OURS, that will take us, our world, to what it will become. Will it be a place that we have to live below ground because of fallout? above ground, people fighting for scraps against the birds? the millionaires, how do they feel? how do we feel about the millionaires? are/will they still there? is it that important to have money? next time your driving and see a person run a stop light/sign is because they just don’t care or are they in a hurry to get to the hospital because their son/daughter was just in a major accident…….

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